Maths Mate sheet 1 Term 2 Q# 22

Predict-I predict this will be about problem solving.

Read- Fill in the missing digits of the sum.- 3_ + _8 = 6

What is the BIG question? Fill in the numbers to make the number sentence make sense.

Solve- I decided to put in a random number combination. I put in this 28 +28. I realized that i was one to many. So I made the 38 into 37.

Summary- In summary the answer is – 37+ 28 = 65



Spelling week 6

Activity 3


Look in your thesaurus to find two synonyms and two antonyms for each word below:



 Rule and controlLitter and  Rubbish

ticket holder and representative

Chaos and ignoreClean and pure

outcast and outsider



My spelling words are- Commons, Colonies, Capital, Cabinet, Broadcasting, Believe,Approved, Appeals, Assembled, Allocate.

Activity 1

  1. Those parliamentarians are arguing again – stop them.
  2. Pass  me those volumes of Hansard, please.
  3. Do you agree with those new laws to be presented for Parliamentary debate?
  4. The police picked up those burglars in the neighbor’s backyard.

Activity 2


Debt                foreign            campaign       monarch         sea      cooperate marriage  Adjourn          bridge             roads              rights  shadow






 Debt  B  Foreign G
 Campaign G  Monarch  H
 Sea A Cooperate  E
 Marriage  I  Adjourn  D
 Bridge D  Roads  A
 Rights  G  Shadow  W


My spelling words are- Justice, Mayor, Prime minister ,election , welfare, verdict, unions, traffic,systems and transport.

Activity 1- Use a dictionary to help you explain the two meanings of the following homophones and homographs

Roll and role-Roll is different from role. Role means a position it might be your role to take the paper bin out. Roll means something like roll up your socks.

Vice and Vice- The first vice is something like you are vice captain of the soccer team. This means you are the helper\secondary role to the captain. Vice can also mean a bad habit li like smoking cigarettes.

Won and one-The first  won means winning something , like I won the swimming race. The second one is a number , like one two three.

Council and counsel- The first council is a form of local government , like I am going to write to the Moreland council. The second counsel is a form of advice , like I will gave you some counsel about your problem.

Lie and lie- The first lie means lie down , like lie down and relax. The second lie means not telling the truth , like don’t lie about your problem it only makes it worse.

Tear and tear- The first tear is to cry about a something , like please don’t cry about your problem. The second tear is for something to be ripped , like I have a tear in my stockings.

Activity 2-Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words.

Justice- The administration of the law maintaining what is right by reward or punishment.

Verdict- The decision of a jury or a judgement given about  someone or something.

Transport- To carry or remove from one place to another .

Prime minister-  A principal or chief minister of a government or state.

Systems- a method of doing things.


The __Mayor_______________ (mare, Mayor) of our local ______council_________(council, counsel) has approved a project to build a ____road_______________(road, rode)through a local park. My mother wrote ____________to_____(too, to) our local member to say the  __________rights____________(rights, writes, rites) of children had been denied. As a __tax______ (tacks, tax)payer she felt she  had to have her say as did many other people who also _______________sent__________( sent, scent, cent) their objections through the ____________mail__( male, mail). The _____road______________(rode, road) has been _________allowed_____(allowed, aloud) to go ahead anyway. The __council_____________(council, counsel) _____won_____________(won, one).




100 WC week # 23

I sat in my bed room sitting by the window half day dreaming thinking back to when I almost lost my sister. We had  arrived at the beach .  Peggy and I were playing chase.  Peggy ran further down the beach. ‘Slow down’ I called but she kept running. She went close to the cliffs they had always been unstable. There was a deep round hole next to the cliffs. Look Bonnie she called. She jumped in .That was when the boulder fell in the hole! I ran down the beach. I started pushing through the earth. Tears rushing down my face.

BTN Security in Sochi

This year the winter Olympic games were held in Soichi , Russia. Everyone was very existed existed about the games. But some were concerned about security. Russia was involved in a war over independence. The war was between Russia and Chechnya.Recently Russia has been a victim of terrorist activity. Lots of people think the games should NOT have been held in Chechnya. I think they should have held them away from all the fighting. It would have been less stressful for everyone involved. 

Understandings- I now understand why people were so stressed about the games.

 Understandings-I now understand why there was conflict between.

3 recalls- I know now what terrorists are. I now know why people were worried about the games. I will always know how destructive and terrible war is. 

2 insights- I will always know war is never the answer. Now I fully understand about soichi security.



Maths mate question 24

Predict- Problem solving and using prior  knowledge.

Read- The question says-Fill in the missing number to produce correct equations in every row and column

Clarify- I do not have anything to clarify.

BIG QUESTION- The BIG QUESTION is to fill in the missing numbers

Mathematicians tool box- Test all possibilities!

Solve- The first we are going to do is to find the sum with the most information. The sum we found with the most information was 8 divided by 2 that equals 4. Below that sum it says 4 times something equals 16 and we are going to use our prior knowledge 4 times 4 equals 16! The next sum we used is 16 divided by 1 equals 16!  Then it says somthing times 8 equals 16 and it is 2 times 8 equals 16.

Summary- In summary we used a lot of prior  knowledge and problem solving!






Answer- This is what the answer is-


Maths Reflection term 3 shapes

We learnt a range of things about 2D and 3D shapes. One of the things I learnt was that congruent  means that all the shapes are exactly the same and all edges and sides are the same. We also had a lesson on turning 2D shapes into 3D shapes.  We had scarp paper to do it with so that was  when congruent came in handy.

Another thing we learnt was that you can turn 2D shapes into 3D shapes by using only one extra shape. You start with a square and add 4 triangles. Then you are left with a 3D shape.