Spelling week 4 term 3

Activity 1

Please copy your list words three times into your homework book- DONE

Activity 2

Start preparing your speech for class masters, if you’re not sure of your topic
check with your teacher- finished speech on volcanoes.

Activity 3

Start looking for ideas for your debate topics, the earlier you begin this
process the easier it will be when it is your turn to debate- Did a little research on debate with Maddy and Kallum.

Activity 4 

Choose four list words. Write each word in a sentence to indicate you have a
good understanding of the word.-

Destroy– To wreck something.

Raindrops- Little drops of water.

Freezing– When it is extremely cold.

Temperature- The exact measurement of how hot or cold something is.

Activity 5

By now you should have your book for Literature Circles. Jess and I will be
collecting your books each week. Make sure you take notes as each group
member discusses their homework- DONE

Activity 6

Suffixes: Write the definition of a suffix.
Complete the table below with as many suffixes as possible.

A suffix is letters behind a base word that changes its meaning.

ABLE- releasable, reliable, ACTION-


Spelling week 2 term 1

Activity 1

In book

Activity 2

Have finished most of prepared speech on volcanoes.

Activity 3 

Did some research on debate.

Activity 4

Discussion- is a conversation between people. 

Captain- A leader of a organization.

Pride- Taking pleasure in a achievement.

Performance- A show or play.

Activity 5


Activity 6

Prefix- A prefix are letters in front of a word that changes it completely. Example Pre+ cooked = Precooked

Pre                                     Hyper                               Trans




Pre cooked                         hyperventilate









Spelling Week 1 term 3!

Activity 1

Please copy your list words
 times into your homework book – done in book.
Activity 2

Start preparing your speech for class masters, if you’re not sure of your topic
check with your teacher. My topic is volcanoes. For my prepared speech.

I have done lots of my work on pompai the volcano and some on facts about volcanoes.

Activity 3

Start looking for ideas for your debate topics, the earlier you begin this
process the easier it will be when it is your turn to debate. My debate – weather does not influence peoples decisions.I started doing my argument.

Activity 4

Choose four list words. Write each word in a sentence to indicate you have a
good understanding of the word.

Weather- The temperature of how cold or hot it is outside

Negative– Means the opposite of positive. You can be disagreeing or being upset or angry about something that is being negative.

Prepared–  Being organized or ready for something.

queue– A line waiting for something.

Activity 5

5. Remember to read all of the reference material that has been placed on the
blog that will help you prepare for class masters. Done

Spelling Week # 9

Activity 1 

Only some chemical reactions can be reversed.

On our recycling project we researched aluminium. 

The old bike was rusting away it was almost corrode.

” Lets learn about oxide today in the science lab”. said Jess

The spectrum of personality’s start at really nice and really mean.

Activity 2 

Marry’s Landlord.

Mable’s Loneliness took over her mind.

Ice’s Chemical reactions were simple but interesting.

Eves oxide project was breathtaking!

Josie’s Aluminum project was boring.



Spelling week # 8

Activity 1

I am a honorable man don’t be dreadful.

Terrorists took killed everyone present.

Recycle your things at home so we can keep Australia tidy.

Packaging is bad for the environment.

The partials in gases are crazy!

“I have a suggestion if anyone is interested”. Asked Mary scared.

” Today we shall learn about molecules“. Said Mrs Webster.

I love the book ‘ An Imperial Affliction’.

Activity 2

Authors normally write to teach the reader a lesson. Not just when the bad guy does bad things and the honorable hero saves the girl who the bad guy tried to kill. Deeper life lessons about hope courage and love. Some times the writer writes because he or she are gong through a period of time when  they turn to writing to heal . Or to simply tell a good old story.



Spelling Week # 9

Activity 1

My name is Malala I come from Afghanistan.I came to Australia as a refugee to have freedom. I spoke a foreign language so I had to learn English. I found it difficult at first. Now I am in the industry of forestry. I have come so far from the little girl who escaped from Afghanistan. I could not even say my name. Now after studying at the University of Melbourne I have two degrees in forestry! Today I am now an official citizen of Australia. I can now vote in the election! I am so happy. ‘I have come so far’!

Activity 2

freedom- Being free or having the right to do what you want.

Economy-Managing a country and how much money the country makes.

Forestry- The study of the bush or forest.

Gambling-  Playing a game that is purely about chance.

Foreign- Something from a different country.

Activity 3
The state government spends its funds through a series of departments, each of
which provides services  for the public. Each department is responsible to a
cabinet minister, but has a permanent head as well. This head is a permanent
senior public servant , who usually hold his or her position for many years. On
the other hand, the Cabinet ministers change from time to time, usually as a result
of an elections.

Activity 4

UN –

undressed – taking off clothes

unlikely – probably won’t happen

unbelievable – difficult to imagine


multipurpose – lots of different ways of doing something

multiply – operation in maths that makes things bigger

multimillionaire – a person who is extremely rich


overcooked – cooked for too long

overheated – too hot or too warm

overdone – done too many times


supermarket- a shopping place where you can buy many things

superman – a man who has extra powers

supernatural – something not from this world


peckish – feeling a little hungry

polish – someone from Poland

Turkish – someone or something from Turkey


Clueless- not sure of what to do.

Eyeless- Someone without a eye

Legless- Someone without a leg or legs.






Spelling week 7

These are my spelling words competent, conference,cooperate copyright, councils,criminals,currency,custody,deceit and deficit.

Activity 1

Write homophones for each of the  words.

A- allowed and aloud. B-bare and bear. C- barren and baron . D- Bury and berry. E- boar and bore. F-boarder and broader . G- bridal and bridle. H- caught and court.

Activity 2

Copyright is a right to make sure that nobody else copies your work. A conference is a gathering of people where they  present ideas to each other. Criminals are people who are found guilty of breaking the law. Currency is money. Custody is being legally responsible for someone.

Activity 3

That night when it was dark, they quietly crept along and went onto the ship’s deck. Everyone was too busy to notice them. By and by they came to a black square hole. Using a ladder they crept down into the hole. After a little while, they found a lower deck. They entered the lower deck and just as they stepped into the hole they realized it was covered.

Activity 4

There are two chiefs in this tribe.

We cut the oranges into halves.

the police arrested three thieves.

The baker gave me seven loaves of bread.

The men and their wives are touring the Gold Coast.

We stacked the books on the two bottom shelves.

The wolves were driven off by the noise of the guns.

We swept up all the fallen leaves in the  garden.