Book Report- Camille and Madeleine

Camille and Madeline is a beautiful book that was originally a french book translated in English by Stephanie Smme.This book is set in France in 1856 in the country side.What I loved about the book is that it dose not have one big problem but a day by day problem which keeps the reader attached!! A new story each chapter which is nice. Camille and Madeline are almost perfect they don’t have to worry about anything apart from keeping out of trouble! Life is becoming a little bit boring until they go out to town there is a horse and cart accident two people are involved Magritte and her Mother Madam De Rosenberg are to live with them so they can get better the girls are more then happy for them to live with them!!! The girls make a bond and are soon the best of friends. A year latter Sophie a cousin of Camille and Madeleine. She is a troubled little girl the reason is her mother died and her stepmother no longer wants her and she has come to live with them. Sophie has trouble fitting in and has no manners but Camille Madeline and Magritte help her become better.