Camp Reflection

I couldn’t believe it when..  Grace & I were hiding under our cabin bunk bed. We were hiding there so when Ore came in we could jump out and scare her.It was a master plan. The sleeping bag was slightly positioned over the bed to hide what lay under. The lights were off  & the curtains were closed . ‘Shhhhhh their coming’ Grace whispered. ‘ When they come in do we scream or what
?’  Grace asked. ‘Shhhhhhh their here!!’ I whispered.

The door creaked open. It wasn’t just Ore it was Angelica and Deanne too. Deanne neared towards the bed. ‘ Grab her foot’ Grace exclaimed. I grabbed it! Deanne screamed & fell to the floor. Angelica and ore screamed. we jumped out squealing with laughter.

I couldn’t believe it when… I was standing in Parliament admiring the beautiful buildings and paintings , surrounded by beauty. Credits to Brigitte.

photos for bloglolllBooyeeeeeeeeee

Rusting process post

Rust happens when your metal or martial is active and working hard.It can mean the metal is growing older as well. First your metal will start to become less active and begin to rust. A red oxide will appear on your material. It is just a corrosion  an process that  metal goes through. Rust  is just a reaction by metal.

Rust looks like- Reddish crumbly oxide.

Is rust common- Yes most metals go through this stage at some point unless it is prevented with other materials.

How can you prevent rust- Protecting it  from wet surfaces and covering it with aluminium wrap or glad wrap.

GTAC Reflection

On a very scientific day  the 27th of october.All the (band)  and other students went down to GTAC.

We took public  transport down to Uni High were GTAC was. The first thing we did was put all our stuff in the cloak room. Then we went into the lab that had chairs and tables all around with pencils and booklets ready for us. A man called Chris then spoke to us about a mystery that we had to solve. We had two different microscopes that were called stereo and compound microscope. The compound were for looking at finer details and the  other only went to 40x which did not go as close.

We were spilt into groups I went with grace,Josh,Eleanor,Declan and julian. I worked with Grace we looked at seeds and leaves as well as water samples.  I found looking at microscopes tricky at first but near the end I got the hang of it.  I think the hardest part was getting it into focus but I found it easy towards the end. Our scientist who helped us was called Rema. She was extremely kind, friendly and helpful.  Rema studied immunology which is the study of the immune system. I found that very interesting.

3 facts I learnt are: A  fact I have learnt is  using a microscope can make things like water go so close you can see little bugs swimming in it. I now know how to put ultra thin glass on a slide on a microscope. Another fact I now know is that immunology is the study of the immune system, because I never knew that you can do science on the immune system.

2 understanding: One of the understandings I know have is that there are lot of different science. It is a wide range of science not just the scientist who make potions in labs. I now understand how a microscope works and how to work it.

One question I am left with is in another ten or twenty years will there be a new way forensic science will be approached?



Things I learnt over the holidays!

These are two things I learnt over the holidays one is a fact and the other is a life lesson or a piece of knowledge.

1- Over the holidays I went swimming a gorge in northern Queens Land and I realized that Aboriginals would have bathed and had feasts next to the gorge. They would also built huts for there families. They would also go hunting in the gorge for fish.

2- I learnt that you should not just buy the first thing you see because I was in a store in Queens Land. The first thing  I saw was a  cool post card.  I was going to give to my friend  so I bought it. When I was leaving I saw this even better one and it was less money! so know I will always look around before I buy something.

We also had to listen to another person and they told us what they learnt.

1- Dan said thathe learnt that even if your short you can still beat a tall person in basket ball.

2- Dan said that before you play a video game always plan out how you are going to play it and how you will work it out.



Reading Reflextion!!

I admire the charter because… She is very smart caring and brave! Her name is Violet Baudelaire she has a sister called Sunny and a brother called Klaus. As the oldest sibling Violet shows a lot of leadership skills.I also admire her for the way she builds things and invent things. I also love the way she ties her hair up in a ribbon when she has an idea it is really cool. She also proves to me that you can still be happy even when you lose everything including your Mum and Dad. She is also very caring towards all  people and has hope which I find a very good thing. GO VIOLET!!!