Camp Reflection

I couldn’t believe it when..  Grace & I were hiding under our cabin bunk bed. We were hiding there so when Ore came in we could jump out and scare her.It was a master plan. The sleeping bag was slightly positioned over the bed to hide what lay under. The lights were off  & the curtains were closed . ‘Shhhhhh their coming’ Grace whispered. ‘ When they come in do we scream or what
?’  Grace asked. ‘Shhhhhhh their here!!’ I whispered.

The door creaked open. It wasn’t just Ore it was Angelica and Deanne too. Deanne neared towards the bed. ‘ Grab her foot’ Grace exclaimed. I grabbed it! Deanne screamed & fell to the floor. Angelica and ore screamed. we jumped out squealing with laughter.

I couldn’t believe it when… I was standing in Parliament admiring the beautiful buildings and paintings , surrounded by beauty. Credits to Brigitte.

photos for bloglolllBooyeeeeeeeeee

Gala Sports Day

I was sweating and panting. I was in soft ball. My heart was thumping. I was about to bat. It was ball 3 and strike and I did not want to mess it up. The pitcher bolled. I went to swing the bat. OH NO!! I missed the ball. I was on strike 2. If I messed it up again I would be out. When the picher bolled and it went out. I got to walk and my team cheered. I thought to myself that was closs.

It was the end of the game and we won. I was so glad. It was the first game we had won because last week we did not go to well. We lost all of our game on day 1 which was not good, but we took back our pride. Our other team played as we ate in the sunshine which was lovely. Now it was our turn to play. We were going to bat first. I put on my glove and I entered the fieled. I felt confident.

The first batter batted. He got three strikes so he went out. We all got a side away. So it was our turn to bat. None of us got out. It was my turn to bat. I HIT IT. YEAH!! It went a good distence. I droped the bat and ran to first bass. I was so happy. The game ended and I got a home. I was tiered on the way back home, but it was one saterping day!