Forgetting [Historical fiction]

Iris sweet- heart we are going to daddy’s work. ‘But I feel unwell do we have to’? Iris grumbled. ‘Its tonsillitis not the end of the world! Iris knew she would not win the fight so she grabbed her red coat  and stumbled to the car hoping daddy had picked her up a early birthday present as it was her birthday on the 12th and today  was the 11th! She would be turning seven! ‘Get in the car Iris’ shouted mum! Iris glanced out of the window to see her mum signalling for her to get in the car!

As they were driving she saw 2 planes  through the sky. Mum what are those planes ‘oh look they are flying sort of low’ mum replied. But why are they heading straight towards daddy’s building!

Then thick grey,stormy smoke appeared as the planes soared through the buildings. The one that daddy was in. Dark red fire spilled through the smashed windows! Daddy……Nooooo…..Stop! I tried to imagine that what I just saw did not happen but it did not stop the smoke coming nor the fire and the people running out and screaming at the top of their lungs!

Mum pulled over and I jumped out of the car and started running people had dust all over them! Fire fighters and police followed by ambulance after ambulance getting injured people! Dad where are you I screamed at the top of my lungs!’Iris come back’Mum yelled. I kept asking people have you seen my dad but they all answered the same with a depressing no. Hot bolling tears ran down my cheek. I wont cry I wont he is fine. It was no use mum pulled me back hugged me. Her tears dropped on my head. ‘Im here its ok its ok she kept repeating.

Mum said it was best we waited until the fire fighters told us what as happening. Police started asking us questions like what did you see? People started coming out on stretchers with blood all over them.After an hour one big thing happened the towers fell down with a piercing boom!!! It was like some sort of horror movie but it was real! I tried to fight out of mums arms to go find dad but she was to strong! DAD!!! WHERE ARE YOU? This time when I tried to battle out of mums arms I succeed I started to run trying to find dad! Where are you  please be ok!

On the 9th of september 7.30 I lost my dad. He loved me and I loved him but I never got to say good bye or I love you one last time. Know that I am 19 years old and back then I was only seven. I did not understand why some one would take away my dad. Its despicable and I just did not get that. o I grew up with out a dad. 3,000 people died that day and one was my daddy and I will never forget it. I will also never forget getting told he was dead.

This story is dedicated to any one who has ever lost someone they loved.