Spelling week 2 term 1

Activity 1

In book

Activity 2

Have finished most of prepared speech on volcanoes.

Activity 3 

Did some research on debate.

Activity 4

Discussion- is a conversation between people. 

Captain- A leader of a organization.

Pride- Taking pleasure in a achievement.

Performance- A show or play.

Activity 5


Activity 6

Prefix- A prefix are letters in front of a word that changes it completely. Example Pre+ cooked = Precooked

Pre                                     Hyper                               Trans




Pre cooked                         hyperventilate









100 Word story

My heart was thumping! I was running away from the Nazis!!

I could see the old barb wire gateway  in the distance. I was bolting  for it with my friend Darcy. I glanced over. She stumbled over rolling over and over blood gushing from her head. I pulled her up and threw her over my limp body and began running.  I dropped her over the gate I jumped over. Pain from my legs was burring. I could see blood every were over my body.Darcy’s head was still bleeding furiously. I was running in the black, cold moonlight blood everywhere…….HELP!


Letter to SafeWay and Coles about caged chickens

Dear Safeway and Coles,


I am just asking your company to stop selling caged eggs.  It should not be that hard.


Caging chickens is an offence and it needs to stop now!

You don’t need to break a chicken to break an egg. If you had any consideration for animals, you would not be killing these innocent chickens for no good reason. You need to stop this NOW!! I am outraged and distressed that you would hurt these chickens for NO good reason at all.

These chickens are suffering and you are supporting this horrific event that should be against the law! I will not shop at your store if you continue this. I will continue to write and do everything in my power to stop this!!!!!  Before I continue this argument I think you should know what happens to these chickens.

They are put into battery cages. These cages are not even big enough for one chicken to spread its wings .They are so stressed and scared that they peck at each other. So their beaks are cut off with a hot blade. This is incredibly painful.  She is given no painkillers! Inside the cage it is impossible for her to walk or exercise. The chickens will not lay their eggs in the open. They so desperately want to nest their eggs! So they nest them in already dead,rotting chickens! You put those eggs in a carton and sell them!  When chicks are born it would be a happy time for a chicken. This is not a happy time for a caged hen. Her chick is taken away from her. If it is a male they are suffocated or grinded as they cannot lay eggs. This is done at as little as one day old.

To eat they have to stick their heads out and eat. There are so many chickens that they push each other around which causes them to lose feathers and cut themselves. They often get infection from their cuts! They are not treated and often die! One caged chicken is lucky to live one year. They hardly ever live to one year.  If hens can’t lay anymore they are stuffed into boxes. While they are waiting to be killed they are hung by their legs. You can stop this so start now. So stop selling cage eggs!



Beginnings Middles and Endings story.

We learnt about beginnings middles and endings in a lesson.We learnt how to properly structure beginnings middles and endings. Here is the story I wrote.


Do you ever feel that you don’t quite fit. In a world  full of  people waiting to claim there place. I might have to wait a little longer as I glance at my safeway name tag that reads Mable Bell. The mind numbing sound of the slight beep coming from the machine made my headache. I grab the milk and scan it. ” How are you” I ask to a surprising chirpy women.” Great thank you” she smiled. You would think she just won a oscar the way she blabbered  on about her weekend. ‘So on the weekend I am flying up to see the in laws’ she said. ‘Then I am cooking my husband fish and veggies to keep him healthy’ she explained.’Hence the fish’.I whispered under my breath . I wished that she did not have so many groceries as she was boring me to death about her life and plans. Once I had finished you it felt like christmas came and went. I glanced at the clock.’My shift is over’ I shouted.The mind numbing beeping and the  slight chatter stopped everybody stared. Whoops I thought. Um um um carry on. Everybody turned back to there work and continued.

I clumped in my car and started the engine. My favorite song came on.My phone started ringing. With a sense of urgency I started looking for it.Forgetting that I was driving I took my hands off the steering wheel!The car swerved into another breaking open the window screen with great force. Bits of glass were spitting at my. My body was overloading with pain as the flipped over.All I could see was blood.All I could feel was pain.All I could her were sirens screaming in my ears.Then I could feel people lifting me out of the car. Then black.

I up in a hospital. With badges hugging my face. Both my legs in plaster and my arms.A the sight of a man in a white coat I know its bad news. His face as solemn as a bird. His presents sends a shiver down my body.He explained what happened and how I shattered the bones in my leg.he tells me how I may never walk again a tear runs down my face.he tells me I am 21 and I have a long life ahead of me and I don’t need to walk to have a excellent and fulfilling life.

20 years later.

I am a very happy person. I have kids of my own.   I am a successful artist.Though I may never walk again I am happy for who I am. I have found my place in this world. Everyone does have a place you just need to explore it.

Spelling week # 3 Term # 2

Activity 1

Experiment-  Is something that you do to see what happens.
Viscosity- How watery something is
Hydrogen- It is a gas it is found in water.
Helium- is a gas it is in balloons
Composition- putting things together to form one.

Activity 2

The  four states of matter. Are things all around us. Like plasma, gas,liquid and solid. In water there is hydrogen. Hydrogen is a gas.Fire is plasma. Water is a liquid. A table is a solid. Everything is made up of atoms. The atoms form it in to either plasma , gas , liquid,or solid.

Passion Blog! To all the people who have nothing to doon the weekend.

I love the  weekend it means no school and lots of free time. There are a few things I like to do. One Of them is making brooches that involves sowing. Lots of the time my Mum will help me we will do it for ages one of the things I  like about it is choosing the different fabrics that go with it and chose which one suits the combination. We also make hair ties and clips. One of the hardest is a hair clip because it is hard to sow it together.One of the other things I like to do on the weekend is playing soccer I play for a team called Darbin Falcons.One of the last things is having friends over.I like that because it is fun to play with someone.We normally play games. Another thing is I like to do is writing stories. We don’t always do them at school but I love to do them at home some times I give them to my aunties and uncles as well as cousins.Another thing I love is reading that is probably my favorite one if you have nothing to do you can travel the world and not even leave your bedroom how cool is that!!!Some times I like to play with my dogs they are so cute and funny toplay with there names are Charlie and Louie they are boys!

Q. When you are reading and come to something you don’t know, what do you do? Do you do anything else?

A.I think about it and I might ask a friend or I will continue reading.

Q.Who is a good reader you know?

A.I think Amelia is a good reader.

Q.What makes them a good reader?

A. She reads good books and looks like she is  connected to the book.

Q. Do you think they ever come to something they don’t know?

A. I guess so all readers will have trouble some day even if there the best reader in the world.

Q.If yes, when they do come to something they don’t know what do you think they do? If no, what do you think they would do?

A. Maybe think of there prior knowledge and ask a friend.

Q.If you knew someone was having trouble reading how would you help that person?

A.I would help them find a book they love or try and see what they were having trouble with.

Q.What would a/your teacher do to help that person?

A.Sit down and talk to them or tell them to practise.

Q.How did you learn to read?

A. My Mum and Dad helped me and I learnt at school.

Q.What would you like to do better as a reader?

A.Finish at least 20 by the end of the year and improve my stamima

Q.Do you think you are a good reader? Why

A. I think I am getting better and yes I do because I am loving the books I am reading and to me if you love books and enjoy reading you are a good reader.