Rusting process post

Rust happens when your metal or martial is active and working hard.It can mean the metal is growing older as well. First your metal will start to become less active and begin to rust. A red oxide will appear on your material. It is just a corrosion  an process that  metal goes through. Rust  is just a reaction by metal.

Rust looks like- Reddish crumbly oxide.

Is rust common- Yes most metals go through this stage at some point unless it is prevented with other materials.

How can you prevent rust- Protecting it  from wet surfaces and covering it with aluminium wrap or glad wrap.

Letter to SafeWay and Coles about caged chickens

Dear Safeway and Coles,


I am just asking your company to stop selling caged eggs.  It should not be that hard.


Caging chickens is an offence and it needs to stop now!

You don’t need to break a chicken to break an egg. If you had any consideration for animals, you would not be killing these innocent chickens for no good reason. You need to stop this NOW!! I am outraged and distressed that you would hurt these chickens for NO good reason at all.

These chickens are suffering and you are supporting this horrific event that should be against the law! I will not shop at your store if you continue this. I will continue to write and do everything in my power to stop this!!!!!  Before I continue this argument I think you should know what happens to these chickens.

They are put into battery cages. These cages are not even big enough for one chicken to spread its wings .They are so stressed and scared that they peck at each other. So their beaks are cut off with a hot blade. This is incredibly painful.  She is given no painkillers! Inside the cage it is impossible for her to walk or exercise. The chickens will not lay their eggs in the open. They so desperately want to nest their eggs! So they nest them in already dead,rotting chickens! You put those eggs in a carton and sell them!  When chicks are born it would be a happy time for a chicken. This is not a happy time for a caged hen. Her chick is taken away from her. If it is a male they are suffocated or grinded as they cannot lay eggs. This is done at as little as one day old.

To eat they have to stick their heads out and eat. There are so many chickens that they push each other around which causes them to lose feathers and cut themselves. They often get infection from their cuts! They are not treated and often die! One caged chicken is lucky to live one year. They hardly ever live to one year.  If hens can’t lay anymore they are stuffed into boxes. While they are waiting to be killed they are hung by their legs. You can stop this so start now. So stop selling cage eggs!



Spelling week # 3 Term # 2

Activity 1

Experiment-  Is something that you do to see what happens.
Viscosity- How watery something is
Hydrogen- It is a gas it is found in water.
Helium- is a gas it is in balloons
Composition- putting things together to form one.

Activity 2

The  four states of matter. Are things all around us. Like plasma, gas,liquid and solid. In water there is hydrogen. Hydrogen is a gas.Fire is plasma. Water is a liquid. A table is a solid. Everything is made up of atoms. The atoms form it in to either plasma , gas , liquid,or solid.

Handing Analysis interview!

Eve- crew (who helped write questions)


Grace- interviewer


Grace: Hello scientist Amelia , tell us a bit about what you do.

Amelia: Well I work in a lab and work on handwriting analysis.

Grace: What is handwriting analysis?

Amelia: Well I work on  letter spacing, are the letters smooth or shaky, the ratio – height, width and size, pen lift and separation, other strokes connecting, from the start and the end are the letters straight, curled or long, how are the letters formed, are written backwards, do they have tails and what is their loop size, are they above, below or on the baseline, what is the pen pressure and the shading like? Is their writing on a slant/angle, is their writing fancy and do they have flourishes and embellishments, and what is the diacritic placement like?

Grace: That is interesting! Have you solved any crimes with handwriting.

Amelia: We have used handwriting analysis as evidence but we don’t solve the whole crime with hand writing.

Grace: Well thanks for coming scientist Amelia

Amelia: It was a pleasure coming, Thankyou



Newspaper report! Crime scene!!

On the 17th of october a crime was committed. A terrible and dark  and upsetting crime. The evidence was left and 5/6b is on the case!

The crime was  Lee’s tail  for animal dress up day which was the following day torn to pieces. Fluff was left on the floor a pair of scissors carelessly left  with a finger print left upon it. There was a foot print on the piece of paper. With a mocking note to Lee stating ‘Can you just get all your paperwork down already!this is what happens to people who are disorganised!’

The evidence was collected. the Victim ‘Lee explained ‘my tail that my daughter had given me was important to me and someone had just ruined it’! The footprint note was investigated and the envelope said Jess on the back of it. But the footprint was  small as well as thin. The handwriting of the note had students  thinking  the handwriting was to good for a kid.

Lee stated I would have rather worn my original outfit but I am pleased of the outcome with my last minute outfit.

The case will have further investigation so stay tuned.

intonational day of the girl.

Today the 11th of October it is international day of the girl.  These are some of the facts I found out.

Over  60 million girls girls have no choice but to get married before the age of 18!  This means that lots of women are not educated and getting a proper child hood. What you might think of going to school as a normal activity these women would give anything to go to get the opportunity. Girls at the young age of 11 have to go and work in factory’s. Most  of these girls do not know how to read or write.

Know that I know this information. I wont take going to school for granted and think about how lucky I am to have a good education.


Term 1 2013 research project: A World of Difference

I learnt lots skills during researching  my project. Some of the skills I learnt was gathering the right pieces of of information. A thing I could of worked was going more deep into topics like the Vietnam war in Cambodia . Another skill I learnt was moving information into categories for example if I had information on food and one of my headings was culture then I would put it under culture because food is part of a culture. I also learnt that you should not take it to far but still include detail. Who helped me? I got a lot of help from my dad and the Internet.

Eve on Cambodia by leesclassroom