BTN Brushfires!

In New south Wales there has been some pretty scary brushfires. Already one person has died. Lots of homes have been destroyed. Schools,roads and airports have been closed

The blaze got very close to Sydney. The fire came fast and the people had to evacuate just as fast. Strong winds smoke and hot temperatures had the fire fighters working in dangerous conditions!

The school saint Columbia’s school kids in a lock down for hours. Parents were not aloud to take there kids home in till it was safe to leave.  Fire fighters prepare as it will be worse on Sunday and Wednesday.

Newspaper report! Crime scene!!

On the 17th of october a crime was committed. A terrible and dark  and upsetting crime. The evidence was left and 5/6b is on the case!

The crime was  Lee’s tail  for animal dress up day which was the following day torn to pieces. Fluff was left on the floor a pair of scissors carelessly left  with a finger print left upon it. There was a foot print on the piece of paper. With a mocking note to Lee stating ‘Can you just get all your paperwork down already!this is what happens to people who are disorganised!’

The evidence was collected. the Victim ‘Lee explained ‘my tail that my daughter had given me was important to me and someone had just ruined it’! The footprint note was investigated and the envelope said Jess on the back of it. But the footprint was  small as well as thin. The handwriting of the note had students  thinking  the handwriting was to good for a kid.

Lee stated I would have rather worn my original outfit but I am pleased of the outcome with my last minute outfit.

The case will have further investigation so stay tuned.

Circulatory System

Predict-I predict that this text will be about will include  detailed information about the circulatory system.

Summary-Your heart one of the most impotent parts of your body of your body. I t only takes 20 seconds to pump blood around your whole entire body.Your heart is located in the circulatory system.Your heart is around about the size of a pear. The heart is a mussel in your chest that pumps blood at    1.6 km an hour.Your blood is a watery liquid that carry’s food,oxgen,vitermins,minerals and things to repair your body.

Your heart is dived in to four parts called chambers.Some of these chambers are called artiums there is a right one and a left one.