BTN spying and saying sorry.

Australia has been caught out spying and tapping on the phones of  Indonesian  Prime minister his wife and colleges. But the government has refused to say sorry for the actions.Australian protesters  have started to protest about it. Some reasons Australian government may not want to say sorry is because it will mean the wont do it again. Country’s  like spying on each other say they can get ahead and know what they are doing that’s probably why Australia spied on Indonisa. Another reason is that if Australian government said sorry it would be saying Australia did it.  Tony our prime minster said that ‘Australia should not have to say sorry for there actions to protect Australia’.


BTN Kid Teachers

A new school program has been introduced that involves kids teaching kids for the day!

Amy is one of the students who participates in the program. She states ‘it makes it easier for the students to learn because we know what will be interesting and what will be hard;.’We made a 3D model and a poster game’. Before the student teach the kids they do a lot of practising and lots of research.


Some student say it is amazing because the kids know how it feels not to understand so then they can help you better! Others say that teachers sometimes forget what it is like to try and learn something. Because the teachers know they know but not always do they know that the kids don’t understand it.  So that is why the kids teaching kids is such a great program!