Circulatory System

Predict-I predict that this text will be about will include  detailed information about the circulatory system.

Summary-Your heart one of the most impotent parts of your body of your body. I t only takes 20 seconds to pump blood around your whole entire body.Your heart is located in the circulatory system.Your heart is around about the size of a pear. The heart is a mussel in your chest that pumps blood at    1.6 km an hour.Your blood is a watery liquid that carry’s food,oxgen,vitermins,minerals and things to repair your body.

Your heart is dived in to four parts called chambers.Some of these chambers are called artiums there is a right one and a left one.

Passion Blog! To all the people who have nothing to doon the weekend.

I love the  weekend it means no school and lots of free time. There are a few things I like to do. One Of them is making brooches that involves sowing. Lots of the time my Mum will help me we will do it for ages one of the things I  like about it is choosing the different fabrics that go with it and chose which one suits the combination. We also make hair ties and clips. One of the hardest is a hair clip because it is hard to sow it together.One of the other things I like to do on the weekend is playing soccer I play for a team called Darbin Falcons.One of the last things is having friends over.I like that because it is fun to play with someone.We normally play games. Another thing is I like to do is writing stories. We don’t always do them at school but I love to do them at home some times I give them to my aunties and uncles as well as cousins.Another thing I love is reading that is probably my favorite one if you have nothing to do you can travel the world and not even leave your bedroom how cool is that!!!Some times I like to play with my dogs they are so cute and funny toplay with there names are Charlie and Louie they are boys!