1000 word story

I walk down the streets clutching my sisters hand. The moonlight shines down on us.

We have no home…..No parents.

When I was five years old my Mamma died in child birth. We had no money which meant no hospital.

I was in my bedroom when my mother had Camilla.  Her  screams deafened the house. It was like living in an nightmare. After she died my father became unhappy and violent.He would hurt us every day.  When Camilla was four we ran away.

We live on the terrible unforgiving streets of Brazil …but that’s what happens in Brazil when death strikes… 

100 word story Week # 36

Twas the night before Easter when all through the house not a creature was stirring apart from the bunny.

The baskets were ready beneath there beds in hope the Easter bunny would pay a visit.

While visions of chocolates danced in their heads. Mamma in her bed and Pappa snoring louder then saint nick!

When up the stairs arose three small men huffing and puffing up they went.

 Whilst the men were breaking my chocolate …….I heard a clatter I arose out of bed to see what was the matter!

I could not believe what was before my eyes ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh’

100 Word story

My heart was thumping! I was running away from the Nazis!!

I could see the old barb wire gateway  in the distance. I was bolting  for it with my friend Darcy. I glanced over. She stumbled over rolling over and over blood gushing from her head. I pulled her up and threw her over my limp body and began running.  I dropped her over the gate I jumped over. Pain from my legs was burring. I could see blood every were over my body.Darcy’s head was still bleeding furiously. I was running in the black, cold moonlight blood everywhere…….HELP!


100 word story

Being a servant is hard. I wish I could see my mum but I know she’s dead. Instead, I work for old mean rich women and men. My fingers are numb. I stop and squeeze them. I feel a cold strap against my back. It puts a cherry atop of the painful ice cream that has been served up to me. A whip hits me again.  A booming voice instructs me to continue. I want to run away …but where could I go? I scrub the beautiful, dainty sequined dresses soaking in the water. The pain oh the pain. HELP!

100 WC

If we want Lucy to have a healthy and  safe life she needs to go to school! Imagine not properly being able to understand the world. Being held back from the ability to read, write ,and explore the world as we know it! As a society, all we  need to do is give her the right to go to school. We could send a bus to her so she would not have to walk. But if we can solve really big problems in our world. We can solve this one. We could give Lucy and other children like her a chance!

100 WC week # 32

I was lining  up  to board the plane to Paris.I was thrilled! I glanced at my passport. We boarded the plane. I got in my seat and started reading the safety pamphlet.  The trip was mind numbing,dull and tedious.

As we left  the plane a man in a garish suit swung his heavy bag round his shoulder! It struck me…… Thump…..I collapsed to the floor!

I was awoken by three slim, tall and sinister looking women. They started talking at me  …some of the words sounded like a foreign language… I had no idea where why or who I was?

100wc week # 31

Excitement….. first day! I was sent to cover a story of some scientists that had accidentally made a bee humongous! Worse still , the bee had  killed  thirty people.Here I go. ‘ Hello and welcome to six thirty news I am Rose, and I will be talking about last nights bee attack. There were some  scientists who wanted to analyze a bee so using lots of dangerous and powerful chemicals they made the bee so large that it killed thirty people heres Joan with the details.

The bee was killed after killing 10 more people. Wait Rose it made babies! Crash Buzzz AHHHH….. HELP!


1OO WC Week 30

It was the phone ring that started it. I picked it up it was a text. It  was mum.- ‘Hey Kate  stuck at work get a lift from James’. Who is  James? My thoughts were interrupted by a man.’ I’m James your mums friend I’ll give you a lift to ya mum. ‘sure’ I stumbled’.,  I got in his car negligently. He drove me to a house.Get INSIDE KID!! I winced in terror. I walked in. Maybe mum was picking me up from here. Then he shoved me in a room and locked the door.… and when I opened the cupboard door … Dead bodies fell out!

100 wc week # 28

My father taught me every thing about life. He always told funny stories.Every night when he got home I would run up and hug him. We would race back..

I grew up and had a kid of my own. Dad grew older with me but his memory faded.

I came to visit him one day. I sat by his bed. He said to me you go on son you go on. He passed away a while after. I sat by his coffin …but I thought I had enough time… To say goodbye. He knows I love him that’s what matters.





100 word story!


I would be an excellent night Zookeeper. As I have lots of experience with magic. I in fact attended Hogwarts and have a degree in time travelling, one in invisibility, as well as one in  general magic. As a result of all this I can become invisible and defeat the residents of Nilth. I will protect the animals with my life! My experiences are endless! Some include working as a magical vet and  I worked with time-travelling elephants.One of my favourite time travelling moments was the great time I had on Noahs ark.My day trip to the future prevented global warming!