Camp Reflection

I couldn’t believe it when..  Grace & I were hiding under our cabin bunk bed. We were hiding there so when Ore came in we could jump out and scare her.It was a master plan. The sleeping bag was slightly positioned over the bed to hide what lay under. The lights were off  & the curtains were closed . ‘Shhhhhh their coming’ Grace whispered. ‘ When they come in do we scream or what
?’  Grace asked. ‘Shhhhhhh their here!!’ I whispered.

The door creaked open. It wasn’t just Ore it was Angelica and Deanne too. Deanne neared towards the bed. ‘ Grab her foot’ Grace exclaimed. I grabbed it! Deanne screamed & fell to the floor. Angelica and ore screamed. we jumped out squealing with laughter.

I couldn’t believe it when… I was standing in Parliament admiring the beautiful buildings and paintings , surrounded by beauty. Credits to Brigitte.

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Maths Mate sheet 8 term 4

Predict- I predict this question will be about problem solving.

Read- Which deal costs less per milliliter. A) 75 c for 500 ml B) $2 for 2 liter

Whats BIG question?- What deal costs less?

Clarify – Nothing to clarify.

Solve- I first have to find out how many millimeters are in a meter. There are 1000. Then I then times 75 c by 2 because there is 500 ml for 75 c. 75 x 2 equals 150.

Summary- So the answer is B costs less. This is true because $2.00 for 2 liters is deal B. But deal A is $3.00 for 2 liters.