Maths Mate sheet 5 term 4 question 23

Predict- I predict this problem will be about problem solving

Read- The question says – each flag represents a different digit. Fill in the chipher.

Clarify- Whats a chipher? A chipher is a sum

Whats the BIG question?-  Fill in the missing digit things.

Solve- The first sum has 3+ 1_4 shaded of a square  equals two halves. I know the answer has to be two of the same numbers so it cant be 77 or 44 it has too be something less so I guess 11. Then the next sum is 1_4 of a square shaded x  a differently positioned half =  1 half and a differently positioned 1_4.  So I knew it would have to be 7 x 2 = 14.

Summary- I wrote all the answers at the bottom!













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