Almost Alice school performance poem

The curtain rose

Everyone took a pose

The gleaming light shone on the  white army their graceful  , beautiful ,

captivating dance filled the stage with delight and wonder as the steps astounded the audience.

contained wonder………………


A blood army of impostors march in and interrupt the dance!

Their loud aggressive musical fight draws the audience closer , closer , closer

The steps are scary  and roaring

Pure madness

The curtain rose

and everyone took a pose


Maths Mate sheet 4 term 4 Question 21

Predict-  I predict this question will be about probability.

Clarify-  Nothing to clarify.

Read- The question says what is the probability that this spinner will land on an odd number.Write it as a fraction.

Whats the BIG question?-count how many odd then turn it into a fraction.

Solve- First I count all the odd numbers that are located on the spinner. There are three even. Then I count odd there are five odd.Then I count how many numbers all together. There are eight. I then turn the odd ones in a fraction by doing this 5 odds 8 parts.

Summary- 5



Maths Mate sheet 3 term 4

Predict- I predict this question will be about problem solving.

Read- The question says :Fill in the magic square (hint:Every row & column adds up to the same sum)

Clarify– How will I know what the sum is? -Well the numbers in a row that is already written says 4 9 14 which add up to 27 so each column or row must add up to 27.

Whats the BIG  question- The big question is fill in the magic square so that every sum adds up to 27.

Solve- Every column and row I put a number sentence that will add up to  27.

Summary- 12               4              11                 they all add up to 27 – YAY!!

8            9                  8

7          14                 6

Maths Mate sheet 2 term 4

Predict- I predict this problem will be about problem solving and using prior knowledge.

Read- Its reads fill in the appropriate numbers of the titles of six famous stories. It also has a hint the numbers will add up to a perfect square.

Then add up the numbers it has

Ali baba and the ?

? Dalmatians

The  ? steps

Around the world in ?days

Snow white and the ? dwarfs

catch ?

Clarify- What is a square a perfect square is when two numbers can be timed by each other to get the number. E.g 20 x 20

Whats the BIG question?- yhe big question is fill in the correct numbers and add them up to get a square.

Solve- I filled in the right numbers and checked with my mum

Ali baba and the 40  thieves

101 Dalamatians

The  39 steps

Around the world in 80 days

Snow white and the 7 dwarfs

catch 22

I added all the numbers up which got me to 289. Then I made sure it was a perfect square because 17 x 17 is 289!!

Summary- the answer is 289!!