Maths Mate Term 3 sheet 4 question 24

Predict- I predict that this question will include trial and error.

Read- Each bead has a vale according to its color. The values of the first three are given what is the last one.

Clarify- Each color has to have the same number.

Whats the BIG question- What do the last beads add up to?

Solve- I used trial and error by trying all different number combinations in till  one worked.

Summary- The answer is – 22 is the what the last bead adds up to.

Spelling week 4 term 3

Activity 1

Please copy your list words three times into your homework book- DONE

Activity 2

Start preparing your speech for class masters, if you’re not sure of your topic
check with your teacher- finished speech on volcanoes.

Activity 3

Start looking for ideas for your debate topics, the earlier you begin this
process the easier it will be when it is your turn to debate- Did a little research on debate with Maddy and Kallum.

Activity 4 

Choose four list words. Write each word in a sentence to indicate you have a
good understanding of the word.-

Destroy– To wreck something.

Raindrops- Little drops of water.

Freezing– When it is extremely cold.

Temperature- The exact measurement of how hot or cold something is.

Activity 5

By now you should have your book for Literature Circles. Jess and I will be
collecting your books each week. Make sure you take notes as each group
member discusses their homework- DONE

Activity 6

Suffixes: Write the definition of a suffix.
Complete the table below with as many suffixes as possible.

A suffix is letters behind a base word that changes its meaning.

ABLE- releasable, reliable, ACTION-