Maths Mate sheet 2 term 3

Predict- I predict this problem will include trial and error.

Read-Carl looked at the page numbers on the open book in front of him. The left and right page numbers added to 333. What were the page numbers?

Clarify- Nothing to clarify.

Whats the BIG question? What numbers that come after each other add up to 333?

Solve- I am going to use trial and error. I will try all different numbers. First I picked 157+ 158. It was wrong I worked out who how  numbers took to add up to 333. Then I kept going in till I got my answer.

Summary- The two answers were 166 and 167.

Spelling week 2 term 1

Activity 1

In book

Activity 2

Have finished most of prepared speech on volcanoes.

Activity 3 

Did some research on debate.

Activity 4

Discussion- is a conversation between people. 

Captain- A leader of a organization.

Pride- Taking pleasure in a achievement.

Performance- A show or play.

Activity 5


Activity 6

Prefix- A prefix are letters in front of a word that changes it completely. Example Pre+ cooked = Precooked

Pre                                     Hyper                               Trans




Pre cooked                         hyperventilate









Maths Mate Term 3 sheet 1

Predict- I predict this problem will be about problem solving,patterns and puzzles.

Read- The question says Fill in the cross number puzzle following numbers.  three digits 191 312 411 611 four digits– 1969 1973 1974 1980 five digits 91413 60151.

Clarify- Nothing to clarify.

Solve- I tried all possibilities. It took me a while  to fit them all in. I used trial and error.

Summary- In summary I used trial and error to include all the digit numbers into my puzzle and it worked.

Spelling Week 1 term 3!

Activity 1

Please copy your list words
 times into your homework book – done in book.
Activity 2

Start preparing your speech for class masters, if you’re not sure of your topic
check with your teacher. My topic is volcanoes. For my prepared speech.

I have done lots of my work on pompai the volcano and some on facts about volcanoes.

Activity 3

Start looking for ideas for your debate topics, the earlier you begin this
process the easier it will be when it is your turn to debate. My debate – weather does not influence peoples decisions.I started doing my argument.

Activity 4

Choose four list words. Write each word in a sentence to indicate you have a
good understanding of the word.

Weather- The temperature of how cold or hot it is outside

Negative– Means the opposite of positive. You can be disagreeing or being upset or angry about something that is being negative.

Prepared–  Being organized or ready for something.

queue– A line waiting for something.

Activity 5

5. Remember to read all of the reference material that has been placed on the
blog that will help you prepare for class masters. Done