Rusting process post

Rust happens when your metal or martial is active and working hard.It can mean the metal is growing older as well. First your metal will start to become less active and begin to rust. A red oxide will appear on your material. It is just a corrosion  an process that  metal goes through. Rust  is just a reaction by metal.

Rust looks like- Reddish crumbly oxide.

Is rust common- Yes most metals go through this stage at some point unless it is prevented with other materials.

How can you prevent rust- Protecting it  from wet surfaces and covering it with aluminium wrap or glad wrap.

Maths Mate Sheet 8 Question Term 2

Predict-I predict this problem is about trial and error.

Read-If you could roll the same number every time , what number would you chose? To start and finish in the least number of rolls.

Clarify-I have nothing to clarify.

Maths toolbox.-Trial and error.

Solve- I am going to chose a random number. I chose 7. It took heaps of going down and up. Then I tried six. It didn’t work. Then it didn’t work. So I tried five and it worked.

Summary -Five is the least amount of rolls to get from start to finish.

Spelling Week # 9

Activity 1 

Only some chemical reactions can be reversed.

On our recycling project we researched aluminium. 

The old bike was rusting away it was almost corrode.

” Lets learn about oxide today in the science lab”. said Jess

The spectrum of personality’s start at really nice and really mean.

Activity 2 

Marry’s Landlord.

Mable’s Loneliness took over her mind.

Ice’s Chemical reactions were simple but interesting.

Eves oxide project was breathtaking!

Josie’s Aluminum project was boring.



1000 word story

I walk down the streets clutching my sisters hand. The moonlight shines down on us.

We have no home…..No parents.

When I was five years old my Mamma died in child birth. We had no money which meant no hospital.

I was in my bedroom when my mother had Camilla.  Her  screams deafened the house. It was like living in an nightmare. After she died my father became unhappy and violent.He would hurt us every day.  When Camilla was four we ran away.

We live on the terrible unforgiving streets of Brazil …but that’s what happens in Brazil when death strikes… 

100 word story Week # 36

Twas the night before Easter when all through the house not a creature was stirring apart from the bunny.

The baskets were ready beneath there beds in hope the Easter bunny would pay a visit.

While visions of chocolates danced in their heads. Mamma in her bed and Pappa snoring louder then saint nick!

When up the stairs arose three small men huffing and puffing up they went.

 Whilst the men were breaking my chocolate …….I heard a clatter I arose out of bed to see what was the matter!

I could not believe what was before my eyes ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh’

Spelling week # 8

Activity 1

I am a honorable man don’t be dreadful.

Terrorists took killed everyone present.

Recycle your things at home so we can keep Australia tidy.

Packaging is bad for the environment.

The partials in gases are crazy!

“I have a suggestion if anyone is interested”. Asked Mary scared.

” Today we shall learn about molecules“. Said Mrs Webster.

I love the book ‘ An Imperial Affliction’.

Activity 2

Authors normally write to teach the reader a lesson. Not just when the bad guy does bad things and the honorable hero saves the girl who the bad guy tried to kill. Deeper life lessons about hope courage and love. Some times the writer writes because he or she are gong through a period of time when  they turn to writing to heal . Or to simply tell a good old story.



Maths Mate sheet 6 Question 23

Read- This problem has a picture of a snakes and ladder board. It says Jane rolls nothing but sixes in the game of snakes and ladders. How many rolls of the die will it take her to move from S to F.

Predict- I predict this will be about problem solving. I predict I will work it out by drawing a diagram.

Clarify- What does S and F stand for- Start and finish which are on the board.

Solve- I will go around the board with my pencil as if I rolled a 6 each time. I will go down all the snakes and go up the ladders until I get to the finish. How many times will it take? Then I will see how many times it takes me if i imagine that I roll a 6 each time.

Summary- The answer is 6. It takes 6 goes to go get to the finish.



100 Word story

My heart was thumping! I was running away from the Nazis!!

I could see the old barb wire gateway  in the distance. I was bolting  for it with my friend Darcy. I glanced over. She stumbled over rolling over and over blood gushing from her head. I pulled her up and threw her over my limp body and began running.  I dropped her over the gate I jumped over. Pain from my legs was burring. I could see blood every were over my body.Darcy’s head was still bleeding furiously. I was running in the black, cold moonlight blood everywhere…….HELP!