1OO WC Week 30

It was the phone ring that started it. I picked it up it was a text. It  was mum.- ‘Hey Kate  stuck at work get a lift from James’. Who is  James? My thoughts were interrupted by a man.’ I’m James your mums friend I’ll give you a lift to ya mum. ‘sure’ I stumbled’.,  I got in his car negligently. He drove me to a house.Get INSIDE KID!! I winced in terror. I walked in. Maybe mum was picking me up from here. Then he shoved me in a room and locked the door.… and when I opened the cupboard door … Dead bodies fell out!

Maths Mate sheet 1 Term 2 Q# 22

Predict-I predict this will be about problem solving.

Read- Fill in the missing digits of the sum.- 3_ + _8 = 6

What is the BIG question? Fill in the numbers to make the number sentence make sense.

Solve- I decided to put in a random number combination. I put in this 28 +28. I realized that i was one to many. So I made the 38 into 37.

Summary- In summary the answer is – 37+ 28 = 65



Spelling Week 10

Activity 1 –

Write a paragraph using 5 list words. Make the paragraph interesting to the reader;
remember word choice as a trait to embellish your paragraph.

The wind swiftly swooped past the gathered people.A murmur of confusion stretchered along the crowd.The Premier had called the town to the hall. His security  go up.A baby winced as the tall man began to enter the stage. He started to mumble about justice and the right that nurses and teachers should be paid more.Nobody listened that was in till the premier came up to speak. He shouted and said that no one would have the job they had if there was not teachers.’THEY DESERVE BETTER’! He yelled. He spoke about how the parliament were going to start funding the nurses and teachers better! Everyone cheered!

Activity 2

Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words.

Justice- has more than one meaning. Justice can describe the system that makes sure the community is fair and justice is available to all. For example the police make sure we have justice in our community by arresting criminals. Judges make sure we have justice by putting people who do the wrong thing in jail.

Parliament there are two types of Parliament in Australia and State. Federal Parliament is in Canberra and Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister of the Federal Government which runs the whole of Australia in partnership with State governments. The State Parliament in Victoria has a Premier called Denis Napthine and he is the head of the Victorian Government. Which is where parliamentarians who are elected by voters.

Security- A group of people who prevent danger.

Murmur- Saying something not very loudly.

Premier- Someone who is in charge of there state.

Activity 3


a. Which  side of the river do you think we should stake our
claim? “ asked the prospector.
b. The witch used magic to turn fool’s gold into real gold.
c. The police constable insisted that the gold diggers identify which of their fellow miners were claim jumpers.
d. “Do you think the witch in the story was real or imaginary?” asked the

Which, gold coach should we bail up next ?” asked the bushranger.
f. On which continent did the Spaniards search fruitlessly for the fabled
City of Gold which witch was they named “El Dorado, The Gilded One”?

Activity 4


Explain the difference between the following Homophones:
a. Weather, wether and whether. Weather means the temperature of something. Wether- not sure. Whether or not you get what you want you have to deal with it.

b. Way, weigh, and whey. Way is a direction something like- That is the wrong way to go turn left.Weigh means how much something’s or someone’s mass is or weight. Whey is the watery part of the milk.
c. Wear, where and we’re- Wear means something that you put on. Where means where are you . We’re means a group of people.
d. Praise, prays and preys. Praise means worshipping something. Prays means a religious way to talk to god- The girl prays for her mother. Preys is something like the tiger crept up on his prey.
e. Saw, soar and sore- Saw means you have spotted something. Soar is something like- The girl saw the the bird soar through the sky. Sore is if you hurt your self like the sore was bleeding!
f. Wails, Wales and whales.Wales is a place in Europe.Whales is a animal that is very very very big! Wail means a type of crying like the girl wailed in agony.
g. Right, write and rite. Right means something is correct like you got it right. Write means to tell something on a piece of paper. Rite is a religious thing.

h. Awe, oar, or and ore. Awe – something that you’re overwhelmed or scared by. Oar – something that you use to row a boat. Or – when you’re comparing something. Ore –  something you find when mining, it holds the precious jewels.


Maths mate sheet 7 term 1

Predicte- I predict this question will be about problem solving!

What’s the big question?- Draw the next thing in the patten.

Clarify- Nothing to clarify.

Read- Its a triangle that has numbers on it.


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I tried all different answers in till I got one. I used guess check and improve.