100 wc week # 28

My father taught me every thing about life. He always told funny stories.Every night when he got home I would run up and hug him. We would race back..

I grew up and had a kid of my own. Dad grew older with me but his memory faded.

I came to visit him one day. I sat by his bed. He said to me you go on son you go on. He passed away a while after. I sat by his coffin …but I thought I had enough time… To say goodbye. He knows I love him that’s what matters.





Spelling Week # 9

Activity 1

My name is Malala I come from Afghanistan.I came to Australia as a refugee to have freedom. I spoke a foreign language so I had to learn English. I found it difficult at first. Now I am in the industry of forestry. I have come so far from the little girl who escaped from Afghanistan. I could not even say my name. Now after studying at the University of Melbourne I have two degrees in forestry! Today I am now an official citizen of Australia. I can now vote in the election! I am so happy. ‘I have come so far’!

Activity 2

freedom- Being free or having the right to do what you want.

Economy-Managing a country and how much money the country makes.

Forestry- The study of the bush or forest.

Gambling-  Playing a game that is purely about chance.

Foreign- Something from a different country.

Activity 3
The state government spends its funds through a series of departments, each of
which provides services  for the public. Each department is responsible to a
cabinet minister, but has a permanent head as well. This head is a permanent
senior public servant , who usually hold his or her position for many years. On
the other hand, the Cabinet ministers change from time to time, usually as a result
of an elections.

Activity 4

UN –

undressed – taking off clothes

unlikely – probably won’t happen

unbelievable – difficult to imagine


multipurpose – lots of different ways of doing something

multiply – operation in maths that makes things bigger

multimillionaire – a person who is extremely rich


overcooked – cooked for too long

overheated – too hot or too warm

overdone – done too many times


supermarket- a shopping place where you can buy many things

superman – a man who has extra powers

supernatural – something not from this world


peckish – feeling a little hungry

polish – someone from Poland

Turkish – someone or something from Turkey


Clueless- not sure of what to do.

Eyeless- Someone without a eye

Legless- Someone without a leg or legs.






100 word story!


I would be an excellent night Zookeeper. As I have lots of experience with magic. I in fact attended Hogwarts and have a degree in time travelling, one in invisibility, as well as one in  general magic. As a result of all this I can become invisible and defeat the residents of Nilth. I will protect the animals with my life! My experiences are endless! Some include working as a magical vet and  I worked with time-travelling elephants.One of my favourite time travelling moments was the great time I had on Noahs ark.My day trip to the future prevented global warming!

Maths Mate Question # 24 Term 1 sheet 5

Predict- I predict this problem will be about problem solving.

Read – There is a picture of a triangle it has three circles on the top and on the bottom two sides. In between the circles there are the numbers twenty fifteen and seventeen. Twenty is on the bottom fifteen on the left side and seventeen on the right.

Clarify- Nothing to clarify.

BIG  question- The BIG question is put the numbers that equal the numbers on the side in the right spot.

Solve- I keep guessing and swapping numbers in till I get a combination that works.

Summary- Put six at the top 9 on the left side and 11 on the right.


100 word story week # 26

The flowers blow . the leaves sore through the sky. I sit in my bedroom every day forbidden to enter the world. The world shut out as if I were in a cage. My aunt tells me I have to stay inside as the bombs fall through the sky. What happened to my peaceful country Iraq now all there is, is war dark terrible war.

The war is almost over. I lost my parents. I can sometimes go outside. One night I had this dream. I saw my father he told me to …look up! Can you see the sky its blue.


Spelling week 7

These are my spelling words competent, conference,cooperate copyright, councils,criminals,currency,custody,deceit and deficit.

Activity 1

Write homophones for each of the  words.

A- allowed and aloud. B-bare and bear. C- barren and baron . D- Bury and berry. E- boar and bore. F-boarder and broader . G- bridal and bridle. H- caught and court.

Activity 2

Copyright is a right to make sure that nobody else copies your work. A conference is a gathering of people where they  present ideas to each other. Criminals are people who are found guilty of breaking the law. Currency is money. Custody is being legally responsible for someone.

Activity 3

That night when it was dark, they quietly crept along and went onto the ship’s deck. Everyone was too busy to notice them. By and by they came to a black square hole. Using a ladder they crept down into the hole. After a little while, they found a lower deck. They entered the lower deck and just as they stepped into the hole they realized it was covered.

Activity 4

There are two chiefs in this tribe.

We cut the oranges into halves.

the police arrested three thieves.

The baker gave me seven loaves of bread.

The men and their wives are touring the Gold Coast.

We stacked the books on the two bottom shelves.

The wolves were driven off by the noise of the guns.

We swept up all the fallen leaves in the  garden.


100 word story


Sophie knew there was something fishy about her teacher, Mr Baker. He had nervous, darting eyes, never smiled or talked about himself and never, ever mixed with the other teachers. She noticed that his bag always seemed heavy and bulging. Finding herself alone in the classroom on a gloomy winter afternoon, Sophie peered into his bag and lifted out a container with the words ‘POISON’. But when she lifted the lid, a dark hairy hand with long nails dug into her shoulder. She jolted and turned to find Mr Baker, who whispered softly, ‘Prepare to die’. Sophie screamed her last scream.


Maths Mate sheet 4 term 1 question # 22

Predict- I predict that this question will be about problem solving.

Read- This question says- Outside Kates front gate there is a power pole. Along the there are many more power poles all evenly spaced. Starting at the first pole kate takes 30 seconds  to to jog to pole 3.At this rate how long will it take her to get to pole six.

Clarify- Nothing to clarify


Find the big question-The big Question is How long will it take for kate to jog too pole six.

Solve-If it took Kate 30 seconds to jog to pole three, it must have taken ten seconds  to reach each pole. That would mean sixty seconds to get to pole six. Because she has already spent thirty seconds jogging to pole three altogether it took kate 90 seconds.

Summary- The answer 90 seconds to jog to pole 6.

Spelling week 6

Activity 3


Look in your thesaurus to find two synonyms and two antonyms for each word below:



 Rule and controlLitter and  Rubbish

ticket holder and representative

Chaos and ignoreClean and pure

outcast and outsider



My spelling words are- Commons, Colonies, Capital, Cabinet, Broadcasting, Believe,Approved, Appeals, Assembled, Allocate.

Activity 1

  1. Those parliamentarians are arguing again – stop them.
  2. Pass  me those volumes of Hansard, please.
  3. Do you agree with those new laws to be presented for Parliamentary debate?
  4. The police picked up those burglars in the neighbor’s backyard.

Activity 2


Debt                foreign            campaign       monarch         sea      cooperate marriage  Adjourn          bridge             roads              rights  shadow






 Debt  B  Foreign G
 Campaign G  Monarch  H
 Sea A Cooperate  E
 Marriage  I  Adjourn  D
 Bridge D  Roads  A
 Rights  G  Shadow  W