100 WC week # 23

I sat in my bed room sitting by the window half day dreaming thinking back to when I almost lost my sister. We had  arrived at the beach .  Peggy and I were playing chase.  Peggy ran further down the beach. ‘Slow down’ I called but she kept running. She went close to the cliffs they had always been unstable. There was a deep round hole next to the cliffs. Look Bonnie she called. She jumped in .That was when the boulder fell in the hole! I ran down the beach. I started pushing through the earth. Tears rushing down my face.

Maths Mate term 1 sheet 2. Question 23

Question- Which weights need to be swapped to  balance the scales?

Predict – I predict this question will include prior knowledge of addition and subtraction and guess check and improve.

Find the BIG question. The big question is which two numbers, when swapped, will make the two sides equal.

Clarify – I have nothing to clarify.

Solve – I swapped some 8 and 5 because they were the biggest numbers on eachj of the scales. After I swapped them and added the new scales totals they actually added up to 13 each!


IN summary 5 kgs and 8 kgs need to be swapped in order to balance the scales.

BTN Security in Sochi

This year the winter Olympic games were held in Soichi , Russia. Everyone was very existed existed about the games. But some were concerned about security. Russia was involved in a war over independence. The war was between Russia and Chechnya.Recently Russia has been a victim of terrorist activity. Lots of people think the games should NOT have been held in Chechnya. I think they should have held them away from all the fighting. It would have been less stressful for everyone involved. 

Understandings- I now understand why people were so stressed about the games.

 Understandings-I now understand why there was conflict between.

3 recalls- I know now what terrorists are. I now know why people were worried about the games. I will always know how destructive and terrible war is. 

2 insights- I will always know war is never the answer. Now I fully understand about soichi security.



100WC week 21

The shimmering lights. Make me feel small and simple. The president walks on the balcony and beacons us closer I walk closer my high heels hurt. What is happening ?Why am I wearing an amazing dress with beautiful high heels suddenly I feel faint sick and disturbed. I fall back it hurts I am confused where am I HELP! I wake I am in a hospital with cords and tubes stuck to me on my wrist is says mentally disorientated. People tell me I am confused but something is inside me what is happening to me? Am I mental? HELP

Maths mate term 1 sheet 1 problem

Question 23: Which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales?

Predict: I think this problem is a number based problem. I predict I will need to use addition and subtraction.

Clarify: balance – each side needs to be equal/even weight.

Find the BIG picture/ BIG question: Swap 2 weights so both sides weigh the same.


1. I added both sides to see how much each side weighed. I found that it  weighed 15kg and it weighed 12kg.

2. I used trial and error  by swapping 4 kilos and 5 kilos. I found that  now it weighed 17kg and the other one  weighed 11kg. that is not correct


3. I then swapped 9kg with 7kg. Now it weighs 14kg and the other weighs 14kg. Both sides now balance.



Maths Mate term 1 sheet 1 question 21

Predict – I predict this question will be about percentage and measuring.

Read- The question says- what percentage of Australians use safari as there internet browser.

Mathematicians toolbox- The strategy I am going to use is draw a diagram.and using my prior knowledge of counting in fives.

Solve – To work out the answer I counted how many per cent  the Safari users added up to. in fives and there was 20% (4×5).

Summary-  so the answer is 20%!