Maths mate question 24

Predict- Problem solving and using prior  knowledge.

Read- The question says-Fill in the missing number to produce correct equations in every row and column

Clarify- I do not have anything to clarify.

BIG QUESTION- The BIG QUESTION is to fill in the missing numbers

Mathematicians tool box- Test all possibilities!

Solve- The first we are going to do is to find the sum with the most information. The sum we found with the most information was 8 divided by 2 that equals 4. Below that sum it says 4 times something equals 16 and we are going to use our prior knowledge 4 times 4 equals 16! The next sum we used is 16 divided by 1 equals 16!  Then it says somthing times 8 equals 16 and it is 2 times 8 equals 16.

Summary- In summary we used a lot of prior  knowledge and problem solving!






Answer- This is what the answer is-


Maths mate question 22 term 4 sheet 7

Predict- I predict that this question will be about acting it out and problem solving.

Read- The question says move one match to make this statement correct. IN Roman numerals the question looks like this –


with each straight line being a match.


I worked out that VI was equal to 6 by asking my Dad because I don’t know Roman Numerals. I tried all possibilities. I first took the match that represented plus[+] and turned it into a minus [-]sign. That made the  sum say 6-3 which actually equals 3. Which is the answer.











Handing Analysis interview!

Eve- crew (who helped write questions)


Grace- interviewer


Grace: Hello scientist Amelia , tell us a bit about what you do.

Amelia: Well I work in a lab and work on handwriting analysis.

Grace: What is handwriting analysis?

Amelia: Well I work on  letter spacing, are the letters smooth or shaky, the ratio – height, width and size, pen lift and separation, other strokes connecting, from the start and the end are the letters straight, curled or long, how are the letters formed, are written backwards, do they have tails and what is their loop size, are they above, below or on the baseline, what is the pen pressure and the shading like? Is their writing on a slant/angle, is their writing fancy and do they have flourishes and embellishments, and what is the diacritic placement like?

Grace: That is interesting! Have you solved any crimes with handwriting.

Amelia: We have used handwriting analysis as evidence but we don’t solve the whole crime with hand writing.

Grace: Well thanks for coming scientist Amelia

Amelia: It was a pleasure coming, Thankyou



100wc week 11

Remembering…. A painful topic, but we should never forget them for  the sacrifices they made. War, a threatening whisper that rises to a deafening roar of loss, heartbreak and despair. Some were killed or hurt  whilst fighting. Others were killed or hurt in bombings. Some were hurt emotionally by losing their loved ones. Everyone involved in the war suffered in their own way. We use a day when the troublesome war ended to remember those who lost.   Remembering is something that we use to reflect on things. So remember those who sacrificed everything. Lest we forget. WE WONT FORGET.

Creative writing group 31st of October!

I am in the creative writing club. We had to write about ourselves in six words it was a bit hard because we had to describe  our selves in only six words.

Some of mine were: Striker in soccer striker in life. Writing,a way I express myself.

We also did some on the book we were reading. I am reading hunger games catching fire so I did Katniss. Some of them were: I parent my mum and sister. Hunting animals  is different from humans.

We also did two sentence story’s.

This is one of mine was: My mum was sick and I watched her die, I felt like a hole was left inside me.  In-til  it was filled  with my dad coming back from war.

I had so much fun doing it I can not wait till next week!

Maths mate term 4 sheet 4!

Predict- I predict that this question will be about problem solving.

Read-The question said- I think of a number double it then add eight . If the result is forty ,what was the original number?

Solve- The first thing I did was to  take away eight from forty. That equaled thirty two. But if you doubled thirty two it would  be sixty four. That’s when I thought that six teen would work because  you double sixteen it equals thirty two. Then add  eight and that equals forty.

Answer- Must be sixteen!

GTAC Reflection

On a very scientific day  the 27th of october.All the (band)  and other students went down to GTAC.

We took public  transport down to Uni High were GTAC was. The first thing we did was put all our stuff in the cloak room. Then we went into the lab that had chairs and tables all around with pencils and booklets ready for us. A man called Chris then spoke to us about a mystery that we had to solve. We had two different microscopes that were called stereo and compound microscope. The compound were for looking at finer details and the  other only went to 40x which did not go as close.

We were spilt into groups I went with grace,Josh,Eleanor,Declan and julian. I worked with Grace we looked at seeds and leaves as well as water samples.  I found looking at microscopes tricky at first but near the end I got the hang of it.  I think the hardest part was getting it into focus but I found it easy towards the end. Our scientist who helped us was called Rema. She was extremely kind, friendly and helpful.  Rema studied immunology which is the study of the immune system. I found that very interesting.

3 facts I learnt are: A  fact I have learnt is  using a microscope can make things like water go so close you can see little bugs swimming in it. I now know how to put ultra thin glass on a slide on a microscope. Another fact I now know is that immunology is the study of the immune system, because I never knew that you can do science on the immune system.

2 understanding: One of the understandings I know have is that there are lot of different science. It is a wide range of science not just the scientist who make potions in labs. I now understand how a microscope works and how to work it.

One question I am left with is in another ten or twenty years will there be a new way forensic science will be approached?