Maths Mate term 4 sheet 3 Question 23

Predict-I predict this question will be about problem solving and trying all possibilities!

Read- The question said- I think of a number then double it then add four if the answer is twenty what was original number?

Strategy- Work backwards. Working backwards  will  help me answer and understand the question.

Solve-  By taking away four from twenty that equaled sixteen. That was when I realised I should do eight because then you double eight and that equals sixteen. Then I added four on to sixteen  because I knew that from taking away four from twenty.

Answer-  Must be eight!

BTN Kid Teachers

A new school program has been introduced that involves kids teaching kids for the day!

Amy is one of the students who participates in the program. She states ‘it makes it easier for the students to learn because we know what will be interesting and what will be hard;.’We made a 3D model and a poster game’. Before the student teach the kids they do a lot of practising and lots of research.


Some student say it is amazing because the kids know how it feels not to understand so then they can help you better! Others say that teachers sometimes forget what it is like to try and learn something. Because the teachers know they know but not always do they know that the kids don’t understand it.  So that is why the kids teaching kids is such a great program!

Maths Mate term 4 sheet 2 Question 21!

Predict- I predict that this question will be about estimating.

Read- the question said ‘How many cubes are there in this arrangement. You could see ten at the front.

Solve- I thought that maybe there would be ten on the other side. But then I realized  that the shape was to small to have ten on the other side.  I saw the ones propped would probably have two.  The next thing I did was count how many there would be on the back by  estimating  and using a diagram. Then I times two by three which was six.

Answer-  Must be sixteen.

100 WC Week eight!

‘Excuse me’! Sly turned  as he  glanced at the terrifying character before him. ‘ This is my house I believe  am  wrong OF COURSE NOT.’ screamed a old women who had cobwebs hanging from her bushy grey hair. I sent you a letter sly and you fixed my house. She snarled. “Yes I……did…I can take it back’ He stuttered.  ‘No you can enjoy the death dungeons instead because I am the great and POWERFUL GRANNY! I will live in this scary house HA HA HA!! She whaled. ‘NO cried the  snake but before you could say evil he was dead.

Maths mate term 4 sheet one. Question-23

Predict- I predict that this question will be about problem solving I also think it will involve trying all possibilities.

Read- I think of a number then subtract five and then divide by three. If the result was six what was my original number? When I read the question I  had a couple of answers in my head like ten no thirteen no and so on.

Strategies- Try all possibilities and draw a diagram,Or number line.

Solving- I tried a couple of things I drew up a number line to thirty  . I started crossing them out until I thought nothing was going to work when I got to twenty three! I tried by taking away five then dividing it by three and it equaled 6!

Answer- The answer must be twenty-three!


BTN Brushfires!

In New south Wales there has been some pretty scary brushfires. Already one person has died. Lots of homes have been destroyed. Schools,roads and airports have been closed

The blaze got very close to Sydney. The fire came fast and the people had to evacuate just as fast. Strong winds smoke and hot temperatures had the fire fighters working in dangerous conditions!

The school saint Columbia’s school kids in a lock down for hours. Parents were not aloud to take there kids home in till it was safe to leave.  Fire fighters prepare as it will be worse on Sunday and Wednesday.

Newspaper report! Crime scene!!

On the 17th of october a crime was committed. A terrible and dark  and upsetting crime. The evidence was left and 5/6b is on the case!

The crime was  Lee’s tail  for animal dress up day which was the following day torn to pieces. Fluff was left on the floor a pair of scissors carelessly left  with a finger print left upon it. There was a foot print on the piece of paper. With a mocking note to Lee stating ‘Can you just get all your paperwork down already!this is what happens to people who are disorganised!’

The evidence was collected. the Victim ‘Lee explained ‘my tail that my daughter had given me was important to me and someone had just ruined it’! The footprint note was investigated and the envelope said Jess on the back of it. But the footprint was  small as well as thin. The handwriting of the note had students  thinking  the handwriting was to good for a kid.

Lee stated I would have rather worn my original outfit but I am pleased of the outcome with my last minute outfit.

The case will have further investigation so stay tuned.

intonational day of the girl.

Today the 11th of October it is international day of the girl.  These are some of the facts I found out.

Over  60 million girls girls have no choice but to get married before the age of 18!  This means that lots of women are not educated and getting a proper child hood. What you might think of going to school as a normal activity these women would give anything to go to get the opportunity. Girls at the young age of 11 have to go and work in factory’s. Most  of these girls do not know how to read or write.

Know that I know this information. I wont take going to school for granted and think about how lucky I am to have a good education.


Maths Reflection term 3 shapes

We learnt a range of things about 2D and 3D shapes. One of the things I learnt was that congruent  means that all the shapes are exactly the same and all edges and sides are the same. We also had a lesson on turning 2D shapes into 3D shapes.  We had scarp paper to do it with so that was  when congruent came in handy.

Another thing we learnt was that you can turn 2D shapes into 3D shapes by using only one extra shape. You start with a square and add 4 triangles. Then you are left with a 3D shape.

5c frenzy graphs!

Q: What is an infographic? Its a creative way to display your data and we used it for out five cent frenzy.

A: A visual image of data.

As a part of our 5C frenzy work we created infographs to create interesting and colourful ways to present our data. There  t5y9[ e are many online sites the let you create these graphs we used

Some of the problems we encountered along the way where if we had lots of information all the data did not come up! The page would freze, giltch , and all the information would delete after hours of work.

What we did to over come these were to shut down and start again try a different theme or style.

What worked with our infographs was that we had creative and interesting graphs  that displayed our data!

What I can improve upon is o being more focussed and completing more then two info graphs

Below are my graphs