…suddenly I heard a crack…… What was it?’ Hurry up Poppy, get the bread, lets get out of here’! I said!’ If Miss Bleajurm finds us here she’ll kick us out of the orphanage’! Poppy replied, hurrying along with arms full of bread! We were starving!! We had not eaten  in days.

I looked up. Poppy let out a scream! It was none other than Miss Bleajurm! ‘Well, if  isn’t you horrid little girls WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!’  ‘Nothing’ I replied, shivering  at the thought of the cold lonely streets that we would be on in a matter of seconds….!


2 thoughts on “100wc

  1. I love this story. Mrs Bleajurn is, as they say in the Enid Blyton books , horrid and beastly and reminds me a wee bit of Roald Dahl’s Ms Trunchbowl. Her cruelty makes the story very exciting!! It makes me feel like rushing in to help the wee starving orphans. I wonder what happened to them? Dad x

    • Thanks I am glad you thoughrt that it was a good story! I also tried to make it seem like Mrs Bleajurn was a nasty and horrid character. I also tried to make it sound like the orphans were cute and starving!
      Evie xox

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