Passion Blog For people who want to be creative!

One of my recent new passions is photography because you can  express yourself in a unique way.

If you want to be creative but drawing is not your cup of tea try photography. Start by taking pictures of things that you find at your home like cool flowers or interesting objects for example colorful teacups or pillows with cool prints. Leaves cut into love hearts or even just little messages that have a motto to them!

After you have taken lots of interesting pictures start to build your way up by entering competitions or sharing your work to friends or family. Frame your pictures and display them round your house or in your bedroom.

But don’t stop getting inspiration and keep taking pictures and showing them to friends or photographers.


As the train entered the tunnel my whole life changed STOP……… come back.

That day I lost my dad. ‘Keep going grandma we really we want to hear the rest’ said  Mia. ‘Okay, I had dropped  my teddy and he got down from the platform to get it’.

‘That’s not good’ interrupted Mia. ‘Mia stop interrupting! Anyway then the train came and knocked him down I never saw him again.  My mother married another man. Life went on but a few years ago on my 81st birthday I saw him riding the train and  he winked at me smiling with pride.

Maths Mate term 3 sheet 3

I will be showing you question 24. The question explained that Towns A to  F are to be connected by fiber optics cables along existing roads.  Calculate the minimum length of cable required.

The first thing I knew I should take on board is that they said as small as you can. So I had to find a way to draw all around the roads but make sure that every town was connected but as little cable as possible. So I got to work! The first strategy  I used was to draw a diagram and drew along the roads and tried lots of ways until I found the shortest way possible.

The last thing I had to do was to add them all up which was probably the easiest bit but it still could be a challenge. I finally added it up and it equaled to 179 km of cable.

The very last thing I did was to go though the question to check I did not miss any information.I  did not miss any information, so I had figured out my question yes!!!!


5/6 sport team 3 week 1 zumba!

Zumba includes fun fitness and dancing. All the 5/6s got an activity each they included yoga, squash,lawn ball, racket ball and zumba. They all sounded like lots of fun but I was interested most in zumba. I ended up getting zumba so I was really existed!

We all filed into the multi purpose room the next day. I was a little nervous but once we got into it I started to relax. Some of the moves were a little challenging but others were easy and some were hard and easy at the same time.

After a few dance numbers I was really hot and sweaty as well as tried and thirsty! That was when I realised zumba was just as hard as running around on a football field or playing a game of soccer!!

After zumba I realised that zumba was so fun and I should take it up outside of school. A thing I think should take away from this zumba seshion is that sport is not just football,basket ball, soccer and so on. So denfantly take up zumba or just give it a go! 



Aboriginal history before the British came.

Aboriginals were the first to walk on the beautiful country of Australia. The Aboriginals had an interesting and unique culture full of myths legends. People say that there insistence has gone back 40,000 to 45,000 years ago. Others say that the insistence of them has gone back 80,000 years ago.  They lived happily and very environmentally friendly with hobbies such as fishing hunting and gathering.

Each area of Australia would be divided in to groups and each group would have skills fitting exactly to their area. There is no clear information about where they came from in the first place. Although some say that they probably came from some were like South-east Asia.  Australian environment was very harsh for the Aboriginals  they had a population of up to 200,000 and 500,000 people. They had a rich and beautiful culture they had no technology but they would tell stories and do finger paintings across the walls of caves for entertainment.  Another difference was that they had no cloths only animal skins and fur.


I walked on to the sand, it burnt the tops of my toes. It felt good to be out of the boring, gloomy halls in my uncle’s huge old house. My mother had died and my father had no interest in looking after a sad and confused 16-year-old boy. Then my eye caught an enormous, sinister  foot print!  What was it? Then I saw a figure emerging from the water! It reached out its hand, begging me to take it.  My whole world stopped…… Then I took his hand and it swept me to the land where my mother lived.