Term 1 2013 research project: A World of Difference

I learnt lots skills during researching  my project. Some of the skills I learnt was gathering the right pieces of of information. A thing I could of worked was going more deep into topics like the Vietnam war in Cambodia . Another skill I learnt was moving information into categories for example if I had information on food and one of my headings was culture then I would put it under culture because food is part of a culture. I also learnt that you should not take it to far but still include detail. Who helped me? I got a lot of help from my dad and the Internet.

Eve on Cambodia by leesclassroom

Once upon a very unuserale time there was a man caled Ben he was your averge ben how dose not do much. Sells sandweges belives in alians and has a small family( of himself) and scerms at the TV when the foot ball is on. But the way Ben became rich and famous is odd and verry wried.He had hardley any bussinsees no one would buy his sandwiches. One day he was just about to open a pakket of chips when 52 millon dollers fell out and he ran to the space lanching place and said take to space they said ok andhe sold sold his sanwiches to aliebecame rich and famous