Maths mate question

Lee set us with a task to describe in words a maths mate question.  I chose to do question number 21.  The question was as follows. How many medals did Italy win in the 2008 Olympics? It showed that one medal equaled two. In the gold section there were four big medals. To work out how many gold medals they won I multiplied the four by 2 (4×2) which equaled 8. In the silver section there were 5 medals. To work out how many silver medals they won, I multiplied the five by two (5×2) which equaled 10. In the bronze section there were the same amount of medals as in the silver section. So I just copied the answer I worked out before which was 10. For my overall answer, I added 10 + 10 which equaled 20 and added 8 to the twenty. So my overall answer was 28 medals!!